Remember the opening credits from The Magnificent Seven? Well, there are only three of us…

— Neal Stephenson


Seth Robinson

Seth began his coding career in 2008 when we built the GeoWoodstock 7 website. He has never looked back.

  • Started caching in 2003 as FullCT
  • Once held the record for most caches found in a single day
  • Oversees user experience with his unique blend of technical and customer service skills
  • 20 years experience in the entertainment industry
  • 10 years touring around the world with musical acts
  • 10 years in worldwide live television production
  • Has played a key role in live concerts for as many as 450,000 people
  • Has worked for Sting, Van Halen, Reba McIntire, Coldplay, Paul McCartney and many, many others
  • Authored the last revision of the Martin M-Series professional lighting control consoles user manual
  • Wrote the custom software used to run video and lighting for Linkin Park’s A Thousand Suns Tour, Avicii’s LE7ELS tour and the Jovanotti tour 2011.

Robert Lipe

Robert has worked for leaders in the computer industry since 1988.  It was travel for that industry that caused him to buy his first GPS in 2001 and start geocaching with it that year.

  • Creator, lead developer, maintainer of GPSBabel, the open source program used by Google Earth, GSAK, MacCaching, HoudaGeo, GPSVisualizer, and many other programs frequently used by geocachers
  • Volunteer moderator for GPS & Tech Topics in Groundspeak Forums.
  • 5 years working for Google improving Earth – and a year before that working with them – delivering the DD MM.MMM format, so it matched geocaching format, to Earth as his first project, introducing drag and drop for pocket queries, and now working on mobile Google Earth for Android and iOS.
  • 10 years of  delivering device drivers and embedded system firmware for an industry leader
  • 10 years as senior kernel engineer for a major operating system company creating innovative device driver frameworks, network and storage subsystems, and delivering a USB implementation
  • By the numbers, you’ve probably used his software without knowing it.

Brad Simmons

Brad doesn’t program, he doesn’t write code, but he understands Geocaching, mega-events and taking care of people better than anyone else.

  • Geocaching since 2003  as Monkeybrad
  • Volunteer Geocaching Reviewer for Groundspeak since 2009 as The Seanachai
  • Oversees client relations, consultation and marketing
  • 15 years experience managing five national brands and numerous private labels for his gourmet food manufacturing business
  • Has won numerous national design, display and marketing awards in the industry
  • 22 years experience in the entertainment and event industry, including serving on the board for one of the largest craft shows in the Southeast.
  • Served as Chairman of the host committee and “the face” of GeoWoodstock VII
  • Has written extensively on geocaching, including serving as editor/author for The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Geocaching, 3rd Edition.