From fiendishly Difficult Puzzle Caches to Mega-Event Registration Services, when it comes to geocaching we either make things frustratingly challenging or incredibly smooth.

In either case, we enhance your geocaching experience in ways you never imagined possible.

Hosting a Geocaching Mega-Event is an experience unlike any other and solving the problems that are unique to geocaching events of this size is a passion of ours.

We have spent the last five years defining and refining an end-to-end solution that handles the specific needs of the Geocaching community.  Got coins? No problem. We know all about coins. Got volunteers to keep track of? We know about that, too. How about multiple users registering under a single account, each with a Geocaching name and a real name, a separate registration level, T-shirt and coin purchases, and multiple volunteer shifts on multiple days? Yep, we can do that.

We didn’t stop at simply understanding the process, either. We made sure to find ways of speeding up the tedious parts like registration assembly and badge sorting. Ever try to assemble thousands of orders for thousands of attendees, each with a customized badge, meal tickets and registration swag bag? Our sorting system makes it a no-brainer. For GeoWoodstock VII it took 4 hours, start to finish to prepare the registration packets. Building those packets was just the first step, we then created an easy to understand registration delivery system that was implemented by a volunteer group from another state with less than one hour’s training.  Those freshly trained volunteers distributed 75% of the registrations in just 2.5 hours at the Friday Night Meet and Greet.

Naturally, as we built the tools we needed to gather data, we found ways to use that data to make decisions about the event. Our site dashboard is an incredibly valuable tool for analyzing trends and predicting our resource requirements, on the fly.

Behind the scenes, we built a mobile admin site that allowed our team to assess problem orders and solve them using their smart phones as the interfaces. While there were computers on site with a current image of the database, any admin could search the database with their phone wherever they happened to be.

The tools we created for the event organizers are invaluable. Some have been discussed here, but be assured that there are a lot more. Most importantly, 99% of them are easy to use and completely intuitive. The other 1% are necessarily complex.

We have been there, we understand the problems you are facing and we know how to solve them.   That makes the TOM Creative Group your perfect partner when hosting a Geocaching Mega-Event, let us put our experience to work for you.